Water Bills Going Up in 2014 in Gwinnett

Gwinnett County recently announced an increase in water and sewer rates effective Jan. 1, 2014.

Note: This does not affect residents who get their water from the City of Suwanee.


Updated 4:48 p.m.

The cost to flush your toilet and water your lawn is going up in 2014.

Gwinnett County recently announced an increase in rates for water and sewer.

Following are the current rates and 2014 rates for single family residential

(Usage rates based on per 1,000 gallons)

  • Tier 1 Current rate: $4.69
  • Water: Tier 1 (up to 8,000 gallons)
  • Rate effect Jan. 1, 2014: $4.85 (16 cent increase)
  • Tier 2 Current rate: $7.03
  • Water: Tier 2 (8,000 to 12,000 gallons)
  • Rate effective Jan. 1, 2014: $7.275 (24.5 cent increase)
  • Tier 3 Current rate: $9.38
  • Water: Tier 3 (over 12,000 gallons)
  • Rate effective Jan 1, 2014: $9.70 (71 cent increase)

The sewer rate is increasing 71 cents per month from $7.11 per month to $7.82.

According to Gwinnett County spokesperson Joe Sorensen, the impact will be minimal. Based on the average residential use of 6,000 gallons per month, customers with no sewer service will see an increase of $.96. 

The rate increase is based on a Gwinnett County 2009 Water and Sewer Rate Resolution approved March 3, 2009 which outlines rate increases through Dec. 31, 2015.

 Source: Gwinnett County Newsletter (December 2013)

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