Where Do I Vote in Suwanee?

Don't forget to vote! Find your poll location and ballot summary in Suwanee.

Do you know where to go to vote on Election Day 2012 in Suwanee? If not, you can use the handy Google Voter Info embed above to find the location of your designated polling place. Simply enter the address where you're registered to vote.

This tool's data has been updated to reflect changes that may have been caused by Hurricane Sandy.

If you haven't voted, your last chance is the official Election Day -- Tuesday, November 6.

All voting Tuesday will be at county precincts, and as you might imagine, there are plenty throughout Suwanee and Gwinnett.

In Suwanee, there are 11 sites. Here they are, according to Gwinnett officials.

  • Shadowbrook Baptist Church, 4187 Suwanee Dam Road;
  • Richland Homeowners Clubhouse, 2074 Quinton Place;
  • Walnut Grove Elementary, 75 Taylor Road;
  • George Pierce Park, 55 Buford Highway;
  • Suwanee Service Center, 670 Buford Highway;
  • Peachtree Road Baptist, 142 Old Peachtree Road;
  • Riverside Elementary, 5445 Settles Bridge Road;
  • Level Creek UMC, 4844 Suwanee Dam Road;
  • North Gwinnett Church, 4963 West Price Road;
  • Suwanee Crystal Church, 3268 Smithtown Road;
  • Epiphany Lutheran Church, 1350 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard

Here is the complete list of Gwinnett precincts.

In Suwanee, aside from the presidential race, there are two interesting issues. One is the so-called Charter School Amendment, which has significance in Gwinnett. Also, the Gwinnett District III school board race is up for grabs, between incumbent Mary Kay Murphy and challenger Jen Falk.

For a consolidated general election ballot, click here. Your precinct ballot will be based on your residency.

-- How many precincts have you voted at in Suwanee and Gwinnett over the years? What has been your voting experience? Share them in the comments below.


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