Latest Suwanee Real Estate Closings

Check the sales prices on these residential deals in the city.

Here is more data on the most recent real estate closings in Suwanee.


560 Upper Creek Ct     Hillside Trace          9/14/2012           $330,000

605 Autumnbrooke Wy Northbrooke Sq.    9/14/2012           $138,000

5260 West Price Road  Grandview Glen      9/14/2012           $174,000

5114 Dovecote Trl.      Rivermoore Park      9/14/2012           $430,000

3491 Kirkwell Pl.         Buckingham Park     9/14/2012            $189,900

2541 Peregrine Trl.      Falcon Creek           9/14/2012            $140,000

4885 Leeds Court        Aberdeen                 9/14/2012           $227,000

3470 White Fox Lane   Bridle Ridge             9/17/2012            $262,000

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