Gwinnett Parents Can Register New Kindergartners On May 5

Parents of GCPS' class of 2024 can visit local schools and sign up their children.

On May 5th, Gwinnett County Public Schools is asking parents and guardians of upcoming kindergartners to visit their local school and enroll their children for the 2011-2012 school year. Children must be five years old on or before September 1, 2011 in order to enroll for the upcoming school year. 

Registration is taking place before the summer to allow the schools time to organize classes and to let future students take part in local school activities to help them get ready for the first day of school, which will be August 8th. 

Here is a list of items parents and guardians are asked to bring to registration on May 5th: 

 ·    The student. Schools may offer activities or screenings on
     registration day. Parents and guardians should check with their
     school for details.

  ·    A copy of the pre-K progress report if the child has attended a state
     pre-k program. Parents also can bring the final pre-K assessment to
     the teacher when the new school year begins. The information can
     serve as a benchmark of the child’s skills and abilities.

  ·    An official document showing proof of birth date. Examples include an
     original birth certificate or birth registration, an official state
     or federal form with date of birth, or a passport.

  ·    Photo ID. The person enrolling a student should present proper
     identification. This identification may include a driver’s license, a
     state identification card, a passport, or other official photo
     identification, such as an ID card obtained through an official
     government agency.

  ·    Evidence of vision, hearing, and dental exams obtained in the past
     year. This information should be on Georgia Form #3300, available
     from the health department or a private physician and dentist.
     Letters from appropriate healthcare professionals and out-of-state
     certificates are acceptable, if completed within the last 12 months
     and stapled to the state form.

  ·    A Georgia certificate of immunization. By state law, a valid
     certificate of immunization (Form #3231, revised March 2007 or later)
     or a notarized statement of religious exemption is required for
     enrollment. The certificate of immunization must be completed by the
     health department or a private physician. A valid Form #3231 must be
     marked with either “Date of Expiration” or as “Complete for School
     Attendance.” (A certificate marked with a “Date of Expiration”
     expires on the date indicated. A current certificate must be
     submitted within 30 days of expiration.) A medical exemption should
     be noted on Form #3231 with a current date of expiration. Parents may
     request a form from their school for religious exemption.

  ·    Proof of residency in the attendance zone. The school requires proof
     of residency, which may be verified by presenting a current utility
     bill (excluding telephone bills) with one of the following documents:
     - a non-contingent sales contract
     - current lease/rental agreement
     - most recent income tax return
     - current paycheck stub
     - current Medicaid card
     - current warranty or quick claim deed
     - current home purchase agreement
     - current homeowner’s insurance policy
     - current residential property tax statement or bill

     Documents presented for residency verification must include the same
     address as the accompanying utility bill.
     An exception: A deed without an address is acceptable if accompanied
     by two utility bills (excluding telephone bills) with same address in
     the attendance zone.
     A contingency contract is not acceptable. If the parent lives with a
     friend or family member and need information about verifying
     residency, they can call their local school.

  ·    The child’s social security number. State law requires that schools
     ask for this number at the time of enrollment. Students will be
     enrolled, even if the number is not provided. However, parents not
     providing a number will be asked to sign a waiver.

GCPS is asking parents and guardians to call their local schools for registration times or visit the "2011 Countdown for Kindergarten" page on the school system's website for more information. 


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