North Gwinnett HS, Peachtree Ridge HS Have New GCPS Board Rep

Dr. Mary Kay Murphy's District III has a new look. No students will change schools anywhere in the Gwinnett system.

Two of the three Suwanee high schools now have new leadership on the Gwinnett County school board.

and are part of a new District III and are represented by Dr. Mary Kay Murphy, she said Friday morning. The board member also added that the revised maps have been approved by the Justice Department.

will remain in District II, which is represented by Daniel Seckinger.

No students anywhere in the Gwinnett system will change schools because of this, Murphy emphasized. This merely reapportions the five GCPS districts.

Murphy's revamped district also includes Duluth High and Norcross High.

In summary, Murphy's new District III will include:

  • North Gwinnett High (but not all schools in the North Gwinnett Cluster);
  • One school in the Collins Hill Cluster (but not Collins Hill High)
  • Several schools in the Lanier Cluster (but not Lanier High);
  • Duluth High;
  • Peachtree Ridge High;
  • Norcross High;
  • Ivy Prep Academy (pending the school's new charter situation).

The purpose is to realign schools among the five districts, because GCPS has added 48 schools in the past 10 years. The goal is to give each board member a roughly equal share of the 133 schools.

New district maps will be posted soon on the GCPS website, Murphy said. Also, board members will be holding area board meetings throughout the county in March and April in line with the new districts.

(The map attached was distributed before Justice Department approval.)

Annette Rogers January 28, 2012 at 12:00 AM
Is Radloff's district as disproportionately small as it appears?
Very Concern January 28, 2012 at 12:50 AM
How is Mary Kay going to be able to keep up with and address the concerns at all the additional schools? She can't take care of all of her assigned schools now. She has missed several meetings lately where issues about schools in her Duluth High cluster were on the agenda. She may have done a good job in the past but in my opinion she no longer has the desire, the time or the energy to deal with any schools other than Norcross High School. Has Mary Kay announced if she will be running next year? Not that it really matters to me if she runs or not. I know that this household will be voting for Jen Falk. She has proven that she cares about ALL of the students and programs in the Gwinnett schools.
Amanda Helmstetter January 28, 2012 at 02:44 PM
What area does the Monarch School, the Give Center and New Life fall into now? It is a little difficult to tell from this map - but they do look like they fall into District III. These are very important schools in the GCPS system and they aren't mentioned. There are many things happening at those schools ( like the Monarch School being converted to a STEM middle school - Science, Math and Technology School) that deserve attention and communication. I for one, would like whomever is the new School Board Rep for this area to increase communication about what is going on there. With the school board election coming up, this will be an important differentiator for me on which candidate I will vote for. A track record of a lack of involvement and communication about schools in her district will certiany have me paying attention to her competitors.
Steve Burns January 28, 2012 at 03:02 PM
Amanda, I'm not sure about district alignments for the schools you asked about. The GCPS should post the approved maps on their website soon. On Suwanee Patch, I'm chiefly concerned with the Suwanee schools.
Amanda Helmstetter January 28, 2012 at 03:55 PM
I'll take a look at the map on the website. But just keep in mind that the schools I was asking about are GCPS public schools that serve very special purposes - there are kids in Suwanee that go to these schools. I'm sure the parents of those kids are probally wondering who their District Rep is given the recent changes. Thanks for the reply.


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