Snellville High School Alumni Banquet

Marlene takes a peak into the recent get-together of Snellville High School.

Each year on the last Saturday of April, the graduates and attendees of Snellville High School celebrate their youth and share memories of people at Wesley Hall of the . 

The Snellville School, affectionately known as The Old Rock School, sat where is now on Highway 78.  It was the only school, and all grades were taught. I hated seeing that building torn down. It was just such an icon of education, history and family. It was established in 1923, and the last class graduated 1957. 

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When I first started attending with my husband Snell, Class of 1956, the room was full. People from the classes from the 1920s and 1930s were present. I am not from Snellville, I am Atlanta born and bred. Because I didn’t know many people, I could enjoy watching people interact.

I can’t tell you the joy I saw in that room. People who hadn’t seen each other since the previous reunion started conversations as if there had been no interruption. Men became boys again. Women laughed their girlhood giggles. 

Virginia Moon Canup, Class of 1937, holds the record of being the oldest member of the Snellville School. Her daughter Gail Canup Duffy has been bringing her mother since 1989. Gail was a graduate of

 Two teachers were in attendance: Mrs. Christine Minor Williams and Mrs. Eunice Spence. Mrs. Spence taught typing and shorthand in 1941-1942. Mrs. Williams taught the third grade.

I was delighted to see Ruth Williams Sharpe. We worked together at Parkview High School from 1988-2002. She is one of my favorite people in this world.  Miss Ruth’s daughter, Beth Sharp Gibbs, escorted her mother. Beth, a 1977 graduate, now teaches economics at Central Gwinnett High School.

Although I am not an alumna, I leave the reunion with a much lighter step. I envy the closeness of this community. 

The officers of the 2012 reunion were:

  • President, Ellen Tucker, Class of ‘43
  • Vice President, Snell Buchanan, Class of ‘56
  • Secretary, Elaine Mitchell, Class of ‘55
  • Treasurer, Ellen Tucker, Class of ‘43
  • Decorations Chairperson,  Ann Britt, Class of ‘55
  • Alumni List Database, Gloria & Wayne League, Class of ‘54

The Officers for 2013 reunion are:

  • President, Emmett Clower, Class of ‘60
  • Vice President, Snell Buchanan Class of ‘56
  • Secretary/ Treasurer, Legaria Tuck Kemp Class of ’49                          
  • Decorations Chairperson, Ann Britt, Class of Class of ‘55
  • Alumni List Database, Gloria & Wayne League, Class of ‘54

Special recognition and appreciation was given to Ann Britt, who arranges for flowers, decorations and set-up. It is a huge job and everyone appreciates her and her work very much. Gloria Rawlins Still (’55) donated the centerpiece and donated all the other flower bouquets for the tables. The Master’s Table catered the full dinner of fried chicken, roast beef, vegetables and desserts.

Alma Mater

All Hail to Snellville High


Hail now to Snellville High

To you we sing

Loyal and true, we’ll be to you

Your praises ever ring.


Hail to your standards true

Allegiance we pledge.

To the Red and Black we say

All hail, Snellville, to you.


By Mary Alice Hiter Williams


Go Bulldogs!!


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