Parkview in the Driver's Seat with 21-14 Win Over Brookwood

Carson scores two touchdowns as Parkview wins the annual "Battle of Five-Forks Trickum."

Parkview coach Cecil Flowe wasn't saying it, but you gotta believe he was thinking it.

Not only was Parkview's 21-14 win over Brookwood Friday night a big one for Panther Nation because it was over its arch-rival in the so-called annual "Battle of Five Forks-Trickum."

It also put the 10th-ranked Panthers smack dab in the middle of the driver's seat on the road to the Region 8-AAAAAA championship. The win pushed Parkview to 4-1 overall, 3-0 in the region — all three wins coming over playoff teams from last year, including defending champ Grayson and 2010 champ Brookwood.

And it seems the most difficult stretch of Parkview's regular-season schedule is behind them.

"I'm looking at Dacula next in two weeks and that's all," Flowe said in classic take-'em-one-game-at-a-time form.

"We're going to try to get a little better every week."

Outside a few missteps, Friday's performance will be hard to beat.

Running back Chris Carson had his best night of the season, rushing for 255 yards and two touchdowns as Parkview accumulated an astounding 436 rushing yards against Brookwood's respected defense. The Panthers were especially effective running out of the Wildcat, with Carson and Justis Rosser (47 rushing yards) taking those snaps.

Carson had 95 yards on his first two carries, highlighting a three-play 99-yard "drive" with a 73-yard touchdown run down the sideline at the 6:25 mark of the first quarter. Later in the first half, quarterback Mac Marshall, used a terrific fake on a misdirection play and went 95 yards on a touchdown run to make it 14-0.

Brookwood (2-2, 1-1)  seemed to be have problems countering Parkview's myriad of offensive formations — from the Wildcat, to the shot gun, to Marshall taking snaps directly from the center.

"We gave them a mix of looks to keep them on their toes," said Marshall, who passed only once. "[Offensive Coordinator Robert Hill] did a great job of calling plays."

Brookwood pushed the score to 14-7 just before half on a fourth-down run from the 1 by Jamaal Cole. But Parkview looked dominant for most of the second half, driving 74 yards in the third quarter to take a 21-7 lead on a 5-yard run by Carson late in the third. The Panthers were poised to put the game away in the fourth, but Carson was stripped of the ball near the Brookwood 15, opening the door for a Broncos comeback.

Brookwood then took five plays to go 89 yards, the final 30 coming on a pass from Zach Moon to Cole. Brookwood appeared to have tied the game inside the final five minutes on a 13-yard run by Josh Brown, but a holding call nullified the score, the second Brookwood TD of the game called back by penalty. Two plays later, Moon threw an incompletion into the end zone, ending the threat.

Parkview's defense had its own difficulties stopping Brookwood's passing attack. Moon completed 13 of 19 passes for 261 yards. But the Panthers did keep Cole in check. The highly regarded running back to 38 yards. Brookwood had only 72 as a team.

Parkview's win snapped a three-game losing streak to Brookwood.

"We didn't want our seniors to go out without beating Brookwood," said Marshall, a junior. "That was big."

C Brown October 01, 2012 at 02:00 AM
It is so sad when the victors of this match attack the losing team's band and ruin musical instruments. According to News 106.7, the Parkview crowd threw Coke and water on the musical instruments of the marching band. This apparently cause much damage to the two year old instruments. Shame on you!!! If the crowd is like this Atlanta should boycott hiring anyone from Parkview HS until the crowd pays for the damages to Brookwood's Marching Band instruments!!!
JL October 01, 2012 at 04:08 PM
As a Parkview Band mom, I was horrified to hear about the damage that was inflicted on the Brookwood instruments. I know how much those can cost and how hard they can be to maintain. But please, don't tar and feather all Parkview kids with the same brush. A few awful acts by a few terrrible kids shouldn't reflect on the rest of our student body. Just as we aren't going to judge everyone at Brookwood by the damage your football team did to the new lockers, courtesy coolers, and training table in the visitor's locker room. And those weren't some random kids vandalizing equipment - those were the Brookwood football players. Having said that, I hope that the instruments have been repaired and that the vandals are found and punished.
michael sun October 03, 2012 at 01:55 AM
if you are a parent of a student, i doubt you have any idea of what actually occurs at certain school events whether it be someone committing vandalism or other unsportsmanlike like acts. most parents only know the side that their kids tell them so please think twice before you go online and post comments that not only embarrasses you but also your community.


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