Will Weather Change Super Bowl 2014 Game Date?

Beware: The NFL title game is scheduled for Feb. 2 in New Jersey.

Credit: nynjsuperbowl.com.
Credit: nynjsuperbowl.com.
Planning a Super Bowl party for the 2014 game? Better wait.

The NFL has contingency plans to play the game on a day other than Sunday, Feb. 2, if inclement weather arises in the host city of East Rutherford, N.J., according to a media report.

An Associated Press report on msn.foxsports.com says the NFL title game could be moved up one day or delayed, should weather become an issue.

Says Frank Supovitz, senior vice president of events for the NFL: “There are contingency plans for multiple different days. There is the potential of a move-up scenario, there is the potential of a move-back scenario, depending on what we are seeing coming. It could potentially be on a Saturday or it could be on the Monday or Tuesday. There is also a scenario where we could play the following weekend, a scenario that is incredibly unlikely. You’re dealing with progressively infinitesimal possibilities.”

The game is being billed as the "first outdoor, cold-weather Super Bowl" by host officials in the New Jersey-New York area.

And weather issues are not only a concern for the participating teams.

"They'll play the game," said Mitchell Moss, director of the Rudin Center for Transportation at New York University, in the report. "The question is, they may have to hire mannequins to fill the stadium."

A winter storm would jeopardize area airports, potentially causing ground delays or cancellations that would prevent fans from arriving by air, Moss said. Also, slick roads would hinder buses that would carry fans from New York to the game.

If no weather issues arise, kickoff is set for 6:25 p.m. on Feb. 2.

-- What do you think of the decision to play the Super Bowl in an outdoors, cold-weather setting? Tell us in the comments below.


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