Unclean Food Containers, Other Violations Get Suwanee Restaurant a 'U'

Suwanee Restaurant Inspections: See the latest health checks of local eateries.

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Follow restaurant news on Patch.
Sodeulnyuk Restaurant in Suwanee recently underwent a routine health inspection by the Gwinnett Health Department.

The restaurant at 2790 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road, Suite 165 received a "61/U" rating on Dec. 10. Among the violations noted:

Blender unclean with old food debris. Food containers unclean with old food debris. These items were re-washed during the inspection. Ensure that all food contact surfaces are clean to sight and touch.  Corrected On-Site.  New Violation.

Waitresses were cutting bean sprouts with a pair of scissors in the dining room on food trays. The food trays were not clean and sanitized and the scissors were not as well. They were asked to stop preparing food in this area. The dining room is not a place where food should be prepared for customers.  Corrected On-Site.  New Violation.

A follow-up inspection is to be held within 10 days. 

The full report is here.

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