Are they incompetent or deceptive?

Are you sick and tired of Politicians and their arrogance? Misleading and manipulating you? Treating you like a mushroom?

City Manager, Mayor, Council are they incompetent or deceptive?

DISCLAIMER... these comments DO NOT apply to Councilman Thomas Wight. In fact we owe our thanks and huge amounts of respect to Councilman Wight for standing up for common sense and the right thing!

At 5p.m. Tuesday,  a sign was stuck on the City Hall door announcing a Special Called meeting at 7:30 a.m. for Thursday November 15th, 2012. A few minutes earlier the meeting announcement was also sent to the “press” and added to the city calendar.

This Special Called meeting was held to make a decision on the “Big League Dreams” project. A sports park development that has been in the works for more than three years and apparently hasn’t made it to “First Base”.

The City has already committed $450,000 as a refundable deposit (of sorts) to hold the exclusive franchise opportunity in this area for Lilburn.

Here is the question... The city, including Bill Johnsa, City Manager, Mayor, Johnny Crist, Councilmen, Eddie Price, and Timothy Dunn (Scott Batterton was not present) have known about the deadline for the decision to continue to tie up OUR $450,000 for months and months. WHY did they deem it appropriate to hold the meeting at 7:30 a.m on a Thursday, with a mere 38 ½  HOURS NOTICE?

Incompetence OR Deception?

Are they handling OUR $450,000 in an incompetent way OR are they deceiving us?

If you truly wanted people (taxpayers, citizens) to be aware, would you wait months and months and announce a meeting 38 ½ HOURS BEFORE THE MEETING took place? Or sometime in those past months put Big League Dreams on the agenda of a regular meeting and provide substantial notice? After all it’s the citizens $450,000. Isn’t it the RIGHT thing to do?

By the way the City is required by Georgia State law to provide meeting announcements JUST 24 hours prior. But don’t forget who makes those RULES... you guessed it, politicians and lawyers.

Here is the link to the meeting draft minutes. http://goo.gl/5Rxme

Please read and reread the comments between Councilman Thomas Wight and Councilman Timothy Dunn. Pay particular attention to Councilman Timothy Dunn’s response.

“Mr. Dunn stated that this meeting is open to the public, it has been legally posted and announced through the proper procedures, and he felt Mr. Wight is exaggerating the reaction of the public.”

WOW, “exaggerating the reaction of the public”. HOW DO YOU KNOW? They were not there and you know why they were not. THEY DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT IT... ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE DUNN!

I cannot interpret that comment by Councilman Dunn to be anything less than arrogant. It represents a monumental unwillingness to embrace the spirit of representative democracy.

Someone from the city regime may respond to this post, I assure you if that happens you will hear a lot about how they followed the rules, guidelines, proper procedures. To that, we should remember this adage...

“just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.”

In closing please, two things...

1) Let these Elected and Hired servants of the people know what you think.
2) Don’t teach your children/grandchildren to be OK with this stuff.

One more time! It’s OUR money. Are they incompetent or deceptive?

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Thor Johnson December 05, 2012 at 01:08 AM
Love your perspective...
John Henderson December 05, 2012 at 01:58 PM
The direction of Mayor Crist and his "rubber stamp" council members is quite evident on this and every issue. - Do Lilburn residents wonder why the Mayor is never photographed at Lilburn events ? But open up a new movie theater in Duluth send he is there. - Do Lilburn residents wonder why it has taken so long to find a tenant for the Blue Rooster space? All the applicants have run.... how many free taste testing s do you need to provide ? and the list can go on and on and on. It will be money wasted an the Big Dream Project as Lilburn drags its feet.
Thor Johnson December 05, 2012 at 03:32 PM
Don’t forget the City Manager, Bill Johnsa in considering the decision and the success or not, of those decisions. It’s not just the mayor and council. Leaders: Elected (mayor and council) Hired (city management) Appointed (commissions, boards) Assumed (community contributors) Essentially the city is guided (aka…controlled) by the same “leaders” that have been doing it for decades. And if you have the results that you see in Lilburn after decades of the same people “guiding” then who is to blame? Currently the “super persuader” is “charming” his way to the greater “control”… Johnny Crist and the rest of the regime are limiting public input at council meetings. Trying to convince us his Town Hall get togethers are the place to voice our opinions… Hello folks, they are NOT official city meetings. So whatever you say the mayor, council and city manger can blow off! And TRUST me if you are not on their team they DO! After three years of big league DREAMS… and playing around with OUR $450,000, it is time to stop being a single focused leader. Forget your legacy building and MOVE ON! By the way have you ever met the guys form Big League Dreams… OMG! Thanks for your comment
RL December 06, 2012 at 05:28 PM
I call them the Lilburn mafia. Apologies to Tom Wight. Look at it this way: Lilburn has hardly added new residents in the past ten years (check census data), but the size and budget of the government has increased considerably. They want a new $10 million dollar city hall for some reason. Ask one of them - "we need the space". I say go rent some empty storefront (we have plenty of them) for the bureaucrats offices (if in fact we need the space). Government, at any level, is impressed with itself and really know nothing else except to grow the bureaucracy. It is inherent in their being.
Thor Johnson December 06, 2012 at 06:30 PM
There is NO JUSTIFICATION for what they did! RL you are correct. What many may not see is we have a city manager, mayor, council (Tom Wight is the exception) that are so convinced they know/have all of the answers. City manager… for the last several years has built his management staff from former friends, colleagues of his and or his wife… to the exclusion of potentially qualified “local” people. Proof of that is evident to all. The mayor… is working hard to eliminate public input at council meetings. I have heard words and terms like, “we don’t want to be blind sided”… “we want the public to be accountable”… All used as excuses to limit public awareness and input. Let’s not forget the subject of this post… A SPECIAL CALLED MEETING ANNOUNCED just 38 ½ hours prior to it taking place. By the way 22 of those hours were NON BUSINESS HOURS! REMEMBER the city manager, mayor and council knew about this decision months ago. Do you TRUST people who MANIPULATE circumstances in such a manor? There is NO JUSTIFICATION for what they did… No matter how “charming” the mayor puts it… no matter what attempt to be statesman like SOME MAY TRY and no matter how much bullying SOME MAY TRY! You can bet your last dollar this same (incompetent/deceptive is the question) regime go absolutely nuts when someone in Washington DC behaves this way. Unfortunately they seem to be suffering a laps of the true meaning of REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY.


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