Alanda Burroughs
Alanda Burroughs has been serving the community as a financial representative for Primerica since 1998. His mission, as well as Primerica's, is to help people become properly protected, debt free, and financially independent. 
Before joining Primerica, Alanda work as a publisher/graphic designer for a local christian magazine. He joined Primerica after discovering that he and his friends all had a general lack of financial knowledge. Alanda decided that he could better serve his community, and do more for his family, by sharing the financial techniques taught by Primerica and other financial experts.  Today, Alanda is working with many families throughout the metro Atlanta area, including Lawrenceville, where he plans to open an office in the latter part of 2011. Alanda has a passion for helping families stay together, and he constantly reminds the memebers of his team by saying, "The #1 destroyer of marriages is lack of money... I believe the greatest thing you can do for a family is to help them get their finances in order." Through this commitment, Alanda wants to share some of the things he's learned to help the readers of Lawrenceville Patch.
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