New Look Coming for Amphitheater Stage in Suwanee

Wear and tear prompt city officials to make a change.

Proposed new lettering for Suwanee stage. (Credit: City of Suwanee.)
Proposed new lettering for Suwanee stage. (Credit: City of Suwanee.)
The amphitheater stage in Town Center Park in Suwanee is about to get a makeover of sorts.

According to city officials, the letters that spell "Suwanee" that are affixed to the wall behind the stage are soon to be replaced.

City officials have authorized Henry Graphics to replace the letters with newer ones, which also will be done in the style of the city's new logo.

The replacement will be done in December or January, according to Public Works Director James Miller.

Miller added that the current letters have become "mangled" by stage users, and that the new letter will be of "better quality."

Also, the graphics company will replace the letters on the Crossroads Center, across from City Hall. Those new letters will read "Municipal Court," to minimize confusion.

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