Church or Beer: Who's Tweeting About What

An infographic shows that subjects of Twitter messages can go along geographic lines. Share your thoughts.

Have you posted on Twitter about church lately? You likely aren't the only one in the Suwanee area who has done so.

An organization called FloatingSheep.org examined 10 million tweets tagged with a location within the U.S. sent between June 22-28, filtering out everything except Twitter posts mentioning “church” or “beer”.

They found a total of 17,686 tweet mentioning “church” (half of which were sent on a Sunday) and 14,405 tweets mentioning “beer”. Digging further into the data, the team analyzed which term was more popular in each state. Check the attached infographic.

Floatingsheep.org notes that the tweets about church aren’t necessarily spiritual in nature. The most common type of church-tweet was simply a report of being at a specific church (and even ousting the Mayor of a certain church on FourSquare).

-- So now we ask, what do you tweet about? Are you surprised by this data? Tell us in the comments below.


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