After Christmas Shopping Begins

More bargains are advertised, and add returns/exchanges to the mix.

Updated 8:38 a.m., Dec. 26, 2011

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are history. Who cares? Call it Clearance Monday.

Now that Santa has come and gone, and that people are into Christmas leftovers, retailers can get back to making money.

All the goodies that didn't get sold during the regular shopping season now will be featured at discounted prices. (Check the screenshot of the Walmart local ad that now appears online.)

See something in a store or online at a lower price than what you paid earlier? A website called priceprotectr.com can help, and it works at several top retailers. So can an iPhone app called Savvy.

And here's a website touting the best after-Christmas sales.

Also, many people will line up to return or exchange the gifts that were the wrong size, didn't work, or just didn't make sense.

So tell us, Suwanee, what are your post-Christmas shopping plans? And in general, what did Santa/relatives bring you?


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