Suwanee Business Alliance Ventures Into New Turf

The business networking group will hold a joint meeting in Johns Creek.

The Suwanee Business Alliance, the city's leading networking group, will hold its first joint meeting Tuesday. The SBA will hold a networking event with the Johns Creek Business Association at St. Marlo Country Club.

Ed Szczesniak, president of the SBA, notes that the SBA discussed the idea in a couple of board meetings and it "just evolved over several months."

It helps that McGinnis Ferry Road is easier to navigate from recent construction.

The idea, of course, is to help members grow their businesses and contacts.

The Suwanee group has more than 200 members and holds monthly networking events at member businesses. The SBA also puts on an annual golf tournament to raise funds for charity.

It's also common for Suwanee City Hall elected officials to attend the gatherings.

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