HOT Lanes Now Open on I-85

The new toll lanes opened at midnight Saturday. Here's what you need to know.

At the stroke of midnight Saturday, Oct. 1, the  officially opened to traffic. The High Occupancy Toll, or HOT, lane goes from just south of I-285 at Chamblee Tucker Road to Old Peachtree Road.

All drivers must now have a Peach Pass and most will pay a fee of 10 to 90 cents per mile. That number will be based upon congestion and distance if they have less than three people in their vehicle. There are a few exceptions, such as Alternative Fuel Vehicles with the proper plates, emergency vehicles and motorcycles.

WSB-TV's Kerry Kavanaugh tells drivers what they can expect on the ride in the HOT Lane.

CBS Atlanta's Renee Starsyk talked to commuters at  who say their commute will now be longer because of the HOT Lane.

11Alive's Commuter Dude breaks down the eight things you need to know about the I-85 Express Lane.


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