How Are Entering Auto Cases Trending in Suwanee Parks?

Police data show a different situation that four years ago.

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It's not unusual to hear of incidents in which people have items taken from their cars.

According to Suwanee Police data, such incidents are trending downward in Suwanee parks, including Gwinnett County-owned George Pierce Park.

In 2013, there have been 12 total "entering auto" occurrences in Suwanee parks, with seven occurring in George Pierce Park alone. Two each were reported in Martin Farm Park and Sims Lake Park.

In police terminology, an "occurrence" means a report that could include multiple incidents of entering by one suspect, according to Capt. Cass Mooney of Suwanee Police.

Such crimes have decreased markedly in Suwanee parks since 2009, which is about the time that Suwanee officials installed surveillance cameras in the parks.

For instance, 16 entering auto occurrences were reported at George Pierce Park alone in 2009. Mooney said the cameras have been an "effective deterrent."

Mooney also noted that criminals target such locations as parks, fitness centers and restaurants -- places where people usually do not want to take purses inside, and therefore leave them in their vehicles.

-- Have you been a victim of an entering auto case? Do you know someone who has? Tell us in the comments below.

Larry V December 10, 2013 at 01:18 PM
It's been about 2 years ago that my wife and daughter parked in the first small lot, on the right, entering George Pierce Park. They went for a walk and upon returning noticed that the door handle on the drivers side of our GMC Yukon was not working. My wife took the car to the dealer, and they told her someone had attempted to break into her car by using a metal punch. She hadn't even noticed the small hole under the handle. Cost $285 to repair the handle. The person must of gotten scared off, as they didn't get into the car. The only other vehicle in the lot when she parked was a silver pickup truck. I reported it to the Suwanee police, as I thought it was in their jurisdiction, but discovered it is Gwinnett county's responsibility to police George Pierce Park. I really can't remember if I called Gwinnett County police to report it. We now park directly in front of the main building, as there are more people around. We wish there were more patrols by Gwinnett county police. I rarely see them and we walk there 4-5 times a week.


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