'Operation Safety' Swarms Suwanee School

Federal, state and local authorities give students demonstrations of their procedures.

Bomb-sniffing dogs, police robots, DEA agents and Secret Service agents were at a Suwanee school last week.

At one point, an officer was told, "Drop it."

But actually was one of the safest places anywhere. The occasion was Operation Safety Day, an event featuring various local, state and federal agencies showing their operations to the students.

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The "drop it" response came from students watching a demonstration of a Gwinnett Police hazardous-devices robot. (See attached video.)

The event was the result of a brainstorm by Dr. Nancy Kiel, the school principal. Two of her students have a father, Brett Bowers, in the DEA, and so he helped organize the event.

The U.S. Secret Service, postal inspectors, a DEA meth-lab detail were among those on hand, as well as units from the Gwinnett Police, Suwanee Police and Gwinnett Fire Services.

A U.S. Army Black Hawk helicopter flew in from an air-support facility in Winder, and students got to go inside. (See attached video and pictures.)

The DEA demo included showing the fold-out shower that was attached to the truck. The officer explained that that shower is used to clean off suspects once they have been brought out of a house containing a meth lab.

Gwinnett Police gave a well-received demonstration of robots that are used in situations such as bomb threats and hostage standoffs. A camera is attached to the robot's face that will relay a signal to a TV monitor on the truck. "I don't want to get hurt," the officer told the students.

Also, the Gwinnett officer explained that after the robots arrive new, that officers must take apart and reassemble the devices. Once in operation, officers are responsible for the robots' maintenance.

"It's a great time to recognize our heroes and give thanks," Kiel told Level Creek students in the morning closed-circuit newscast, which is produced by students.

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