Results Released of 10-County Transportation Meeting

Report from town hall meeting lists reasons to support a one-cent sales tax in 2012 for transportation projects.

The Civic League for Regional Atlanta has released the results from its recent Get A Move On 10-county town hall meeting in Atlanta. As a result of the findings, a group of 21 mayors and county officials are meeting to continue crafting a list of transportation projects to present to voters as an outline for reasons to support the one-cent sales tax that will be on a referendum in 2012.

According to the Civic League, the report’s highlights include the following:

  • The biggest reasons to invest in transportation are to improve quality of life and to support the economy.
  • Overall priorities for the region are transportation, education and economic growth.
  • If metro Atlanta does invest in transportation, the priorities should be new transit; technology, safety and system maintenance; and bike and pedestrian projects.

The more than 200 participants are reported to have been concerned about transport accessibility for the elderly, disabled and economically disadvantaged in the region and wanted to see more cooperation and coordination between metro Atlanta communities.

According to the Civic League, it is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that seeks to engage regional citizens in the plans and policies shaping their future. Its role is to provide citizens with good information, a neutral forum for learning and discussion and a sound process for expressing their thoughts.

More information about the Get A Move On project is available here.


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