UPDATED: Will Gwinnett Schools Hold Classes on Wednesday?

Classes were cancelled Tuesday, Jan. 7, due to extremely cold weather.

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Updated, 4:14 p.m.: Gwinnett County Public Schools posted this statement to Facebook shortly after 4 p.m. Tuesday:

All Gwinnett County public schools will be open Wed., Jan. 8.

Updated 2:53 p.m.:
A decision on whether Gwinnett County schools will hold classes Wednesday (Jan. 8) "has not been made at this time," spokesperson Jorge Quintana said.

Quintana added that the system would follow "the same process that we have in place" as far as weather-related closures.

Updated Jan. 7, 10:58 a.m.:
Gwinnett County Public Schools has posted the following message on its Facebook page:

The day missed for school tomorrow (Jan. 7) will be made up using the first scheduled snow make up day-- Feb. 17.

Original post: 
Gwinnett County Public Schools now has had its first class day lost to weather in 2013-14. Now, the question:

When will the makeup day be?

The state's largest school district Monday (Jan. 6) announced that classes would not be held on Tuesday because of the extremely cold weather conditions in the Gwinnett area.

So now, the district must use one of its makeup days, which are built into the 2013-14 calendar.

There was no announcement on when the class day would be made up, but the calendar has Monday, Feb. 17, as a snow makeup day "priority 1."

The statement by Gwinnett schools Monday read:

"Due to the extremely cold temperatures expected overnight and concerns regarding safety and operational issues, Gwinnett County Public Schools will be closed Tuesday, January 7."

Another class day lost to weather this week is unlikely. According to weather.gov, the high for Wednesday (Jan. 8) is expected to be 41 degrees, with no precipitation forecast.

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JFS January 07, 2014 at 08:41 AM
That would be the politically correct date.
Scott Dorer January 07, 2014 at 08:40 PM
why did they do that, and we don't have school on Martin Luther King day but we have go to on president's day? that really does annoy me >:( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chip January 08, 2014 at 08:32 AM
Scott, President's Day. That's up there with Columbus Day. I'm only 41 & my school never celebrated MLK Day. Get over it.
Rosemary Vollmar January 08, 2014 at 10:39 AM
Since Scott is whining about having to go to school on Presidents Day to make-up a 'missed school attendance day', let me give a little history lesson. I am 71 years old and before all the whiners in America had their legislators in Washington DC enact the Presidents Day Monday holiday (to allow you all to have 3 day weekends), there were two Federal holidays in February--- Washington's birthday on the 22nd, and Lincoln's birthday on the 12th. Federal holidays were not necessarily school holidays, but they WERE bank holidays. Living in Michigan at the time and working in a bank, I got to go snow skiing in the middle of the week in daylight hours, and twice in 10 days. The slopes were not crowded with kids or adults on those days in the earlier part of the day.Yee ha! Then in 1971, the whiners won. They got their Uniform 3-day Week end Holiday Act enacted, and I lost one bank holiday day-off in the month of February.


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