Share Your Memories of UGA's Larry Munson

Legendary announcer dies Sunday in Athens at 89.

Larry Munson, whose gravelly and enthusiastic voice became synoymous with University of Georgia football, died Sunday in Athens at age 89, according to news reports.

"If you ask the average Georgia fan who best represents the spirit of Georgia football, it wouldn't be a player or a coach," former Georgia quarterback (1973-76) and head coach (1989-95) Ray Goff told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "It would be Larry Munson. He cared about Georgia and our fans loved him for it. There will never be another one like him."

Such was the devotion to Munson that usually when a Bulldogs game was televised, fans would simply mute the TV and tune in Munson on the radio to hear how he described the action.

From 1966 to 2008, the Minnesota native had the Bulldog nation glued to their radios -- not just to hear the game's outcome, but to hear the latest Munson spin on the action.

Who can forget:

-- "The Gator Bowl is stunned. The girders are bending." (Georgia-Florida, 1975.)

-- "Run, Lindsay, run." (Georgia-Florida, 1980).

-- "Look at the sugar falling from the sky." (Georgia-Auburn, 1982)

-- "There goes Herschel." (Georgia-Tennessee, 1980).

There were many more. (A tribute video is attached.)

Another subtle Munson trademark: Whenever a Bulldog player would score on an exciting play, you'd never near the word "touchdown" or "he scores" come from Munson's mouth. "Let the crowd tell the story," he recalled in his biography.

And "Where were you when" also applies here, such as "Where were you when you heard Munson's 'Run, Lindsay, run' " call, arguably the greatest play in Georgia history.

Though the Bulldog Nation is in mourning over Munson's death, it will lift spirits to share your favorite Munson memory.

Tell us in the comments. Hunker Down!

(Suwanee Patch editor Steve Burns contributed to this story.)


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